Cambridge GD2 Structural modelling – learning resoures

This is a post for the students who took part in the conceptual design workshop I ran last week as part of the Cambridge GD2 structural modelling course – it may be of interest to others teaching/learning conceptual design.

Thank you very much for having me! You were all really engaged in the content and it was interesting to see how you were applying the techniques in your thinking about your design brief.

You can download the slides. Also, as extra food for thought, I have written a post on Medium called ‘How to have Ideas – guidance for engineers and other humans‘.

The following is the full list of designer interviews I referred you to:

Please do get in touch via twitter if you want to discuss any of this material further – @eiffelover_

In the meantime, enjoy the project and enjoy Constructionarium and maybe I will bump into you another time!

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