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Wet behind the ears?, February 2014

It turns out that the problem of flood protection, which has flummoxed generations of politicians, can be solved in an afternoon by some engineering undergraduates. But will the government listen?
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A riff on the luxury of time,, October 2013

The Royal Designers Summer School inspires Chris Wise to reflect on the civilising quality of time and buy a flamenco guitar
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Designer's putty,, July 2013

Our Toolbox contains tools for design and techniques for construction.
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Sustainability is for sharing,, February 2013

Establishing a new educational model for sustainable building design could be a smart idea, but only if the whole industry works on it together, says Chris Wise
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Creative Conceptual Design Teaching: it's not about retail curtailment

Between 2011 and 2013 Oliver Broadbent collaborated with Martin Gillie and Tim Stratford at the University of Edinburgh to enhance the way the conceptual design is taught. This paper describes the innovations they developed.
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Interactive real-time physics: an intuitive approach to form-finding and structural analysis for design and education

In this paper Gennaro Sennatore describes the approach he and collaborators took to developing structural simulators Push Me Pull Me and Catastrophe.
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Embedding Sustainability in the Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum

This report provides lectures with practical suggestions for ways to enhance the way sustainability is taught to undergraduate civil engineers.
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How to Think like a Civil Engineer

To think like an engineer we need to think about how we shape the physical world to meet our needs whilst protecting future generations.
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Engineer's toolbox

We have developed a unique collection of useful material data, rules of thumb and guidelines to help you carry out quick design calculations.
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