How to have ideas today in Bath

Today Ben and I are off to the University of Bath to run a workshop called how to have ideas. We are offering this workshop as a prize to undergraduate civil engineering student body at the university because their department came top in our Engineering Mastermind competition last year.

‘How to have ideas’ is part of our wider programme of training events and workshops in conceptual design. These workshops mix theory with practical strategies which together give participants ways to improve their design skill in the short and long-term (click here and here for more information about our design training workshops)

But what is Engineering Mastermind, I hear you ask? Well, Engineering Mastermind is an online multiple-choice quiz that helps undergraduates studying engineering and construction develop their engineering general knowledge. Playeres win badges for completed rounds, and we offer prizes to the students and the universities with the most badges. To see how your university is doing check out the leaderboard.



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