An adventure in engineering – Now available for download on the iTunes store

Make A Scape is an apocalyptic structural engineering game for iPad. The Sketch People have wasted their resources and destroyed their environment. Use structural engineering principles to help them rebuild their world.


The game is now available from the iTunes store! Optimised for iPads. Click Here to download.

Build in real time

  • Engineer a tower, a bridge and a shelter
  • Build simple structures by dragging your finger across the screen
  • Your structures respond to gravity as you build thanks to Make A Scape’s real-time structural solver
  • See how the forces in your structure change as you build
  • Tip the screen to see how your structure will bend in the wind

Build efficiently

  • Manage how much material you put into your structure
  • Recycle unwanted materials for use later
  • Keep your structures as light as possible but don’t go too light or it will come crashing down

Test your structures under live loading

  • Will your shelter survive a shower of giant ice blocks?
  •  Will your tower survive a storm?
  • Will your bridge survive a strong earthquake?
  • Get scored on structural strength, stiffness and efficiency of material use. After each test go back and re-engineer your structures from where you left off

Have fun!

  • Multi-touch (up to 10 fingers/touches)
  • Pull on any node of your structure or throw giant ice blocks at it to check if it is strong enough or just have fun knocking it down !!

Learning Outcomes

  • Reactions, and their proportions
  • Internal forces in structures
  • Effect of gravity on structures
  • Different types of triangulated structures
  • Simple mechanisms
  • Qualitative understanding of displaced shape
  • Simple bracing
  • Slenderness
  • Stiffness of structures
  • Tension and compression elements
  • Live loading (wind, snow, earthquake)
  • Types of spanning structure
  • Value of material conservation and reuse


Make A Scape builds upon the pioneering work led by Gennaro Senatore to create online structural engineering simulators built on real-time structural solvers. The journey began with the development of the web-based app PushMePullMe ( Make A Scape is the next major step on this journey – putting a real-time structural solver into the hands of learners using tablets and smartphones.

Development team

  • Gennaro Senatore, lead design and software development
  • Charlie Banthorpe, UI design and development
  • Jack Bardwell, identity and graphic design
  • Leah Harrison Bailey, identity and graphic design
  • Oliver Broadbent, educational design
  • Max Perryment, sounds and music

The game is now available from the iTunes store! Optimised for iPads. Click Here to download.