Push Me Pull Me 3D – latest resources

Fans of the Push Me Pull Me 3D software and its various incarnations can now go to Gennaro Sennatore’s blog to get the latest updates. In his words:

Please refer to my website www.gennarosenatore.com to download the latest version of PushMePullMe 3D which is now distributed as a standard software (download the installer, double click and that’s it!). You might want to know there are a few new features:

· Import section dimensions via a .csv file
· Save the time-history (stress and displacements) using “log-data” for post-analysis in excel
· Import triangle surfaces from Rhino3D
· Change element and node stroke weight as well as support dimensions

I’ve been using it to teach students in architecture and engineering at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). You can download here a few models I use for teaching.