Leading and Influencing

Powerful tools for self awareness and influencing others.

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Introduction to Design Thinking for Engineers

Simple and powerful frameworks for thinking about and doing design.

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Advanced conceptual design thinking

Intensive skills development for experienced designers

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Design thinking – in-depth tools and techniques

Courses that give in-depth focus on different aspects of design

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Sustainable Development and Construction

This course provides participants with an overview of sustainability principles, practical strategies, best practice and…

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Best Practice Reports

Experience-led learning for engineers – a good practice guide

Practical suggestions for delivering experience-led learning in the classroom.

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Effective industrial engagement in engineering education

Practical suggestions for effective industrial engagement in engineering education.

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E-learning for engineers

Practical suggestions for the commission, design and use of e-learning resources.

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Our Services

Featured image of article: Strategic Consultancy


Strategic Consultancy

Our consultancy services combine the latest research in educational theory and the expertise that we are able to draw down from our extensive network of associates and university contacts.  Read More…

Featured image of article: Digitally Enhanced Learning


Digitally Enhanced Learning

We design virtual learning environments, and a wide range of innovative on-line learning resources including games, simulators, videos, teacher packs and open education resources for all ages.  Read More…

Featured image of article: Experiential Learning


Experiential Learning

We specialise in the development and delivery of high quality innovative experiential learning activities and resources across the construction and engineering sectors.  Read More…

Featured image of article: Corporate Training & Development


Corporate Training & Development

Combined with our understanding of educational theory, occupational psychology and organisational management we develop initiatives which are both targeted and effective.  Read More…