How can I access Push Me Pull Me?


People often write to us to ask how they can access Push Me Pull Me, the web app created for Expedition Workshed back in 2010 that help students learn how to simple 2D structures respond to being pushed and pulled in different directions.

Unfortunately, web browsers no-longer support the NPAPI protocol it depended on, so Push Me Pull Me and Catastrophe are no-longer available.

App developer Gennaro Sennatore continues to maintain the more sophisticated version PMPM3D, which he has made available for download with an installer which bypasses versioning issues. Gennaro recommends downloading PMPM3D and using the app in 2D mode to recreate the old Push Me Pull Me functionality. See the linked post below for details on how to access PMPM3D.

Expedition Engineering are keen to rebuild the origianl Push Me Pull Me in the future when they can find the funding to do so.

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