Make A Scape now available from iTunes

We are delighted to announce that our new structural engineering game Make A Scape is now available through the iTunes store.

Help the Sketch People to re-build their world in real time. See the effects of gravity while you build and how the forces change within your structure.  Find out if you can build a structure that is robust enough to withstand the wind, ice and even an earthquake and challenge yourself to use your materials efficiently, remembering to recycle them when they are no longer required.

What you will learn:

Reactions, and their proportions
Internal forces in structures
Effect of gravity on structures
Different types of triangulated structures
Simple mechanisms
Qualitative understanding of displaced shape
Simple bracing
Stiffness of structures
Tension and compression elements
Live loading (wind, snow, earthquake)
Types of spanning structure
Value of material conservation and reuse

Find out if you can score 3 out of 3 for structural strength, stiffness and efficiency of material use. 

Sandbox mode available soon!






We are currently working on developing a sandbox mode