Sustainable Development and Construction

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Sustainability is a fast-moving field and client expectations are rising. Practitioners and managers operating across the built environment sector need to make sure they have the right knowledge and skills to keep apace and drive change.

In this course, we go from big-picture global issues and trends, down to practical design strategies and construction management approaches.  The topics we cover span environmental, social and economic sustainability including include energy use and climate change; materials, waste and the circular economy; life cycle thinking and analysis; environmental quality and well-being; sustainable procurement; stakeholder engagement; and certification schemes.

This dynamic course is delivered through a combination of short presentations, group discussions and individual exercises, and is tailored to your organisation and the roles of participants.  Delegates will leave feeling more knowledgeable, confident and empowered to demonstrate leadership on their projects and within their organisations.

We deliver this course in collaboration with our sister company Useful Projects, who are sustainability consultants for the built environment.


Learning Outcomes

People attending this course will be able to:

  • Describe sustainable development and sustainable construction principles, and the importance of taking action to reduce the impacts of the built environment sector.
  • Describe emerging trends and best practice.
  • Explain barriers to sustainable development, how to overcome them and get buy-in.
  • Drive improvements on projects and within an organisation.
Target audience
  • This course is appropriate for a range of audiences, including:
  • Engineers, designers, project managers, construction managers, procurement managers, clients.
  • Graduates who are yet to undertake their Professional Review with an engineering institution.
  • Professionals with over 5 years’ experience who want a refresher, and want to gain new knowledge of industry trends and best practice.
Course details

Delivered as a half day in-house CPD or two lunchtime sessions.The course can be tailored as required.

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