A three-day course that helps you develop powerful tools for leading and influencing the people you work with - essential skills for anybody engaged in design.

An intensive three-day seminar in Central London delivered by Intelligent Action and Think Up. This is a chance to take time to get deeper awareness about yourself and your impact on others. You will be actively practising seven tools of influencing, being coached, experiencing them directly, and then drawing practical conclusions that will affect how you lead and influence others in your work and in your life. Giving and receiving direct non-judgemental feedback forms a significant part of the training so prepare to challenge and be challenged!

The seminar is entirely client-focused; we do not ‘role-play’ or set up contrived scenarios. You are encouraged to work with issues that you yourselves bring from your work use the tools we provide to work with them. You will find you develop greater awareness of how others see you and gain valuable insights into the effect of your behaviour on others. Participants report that this seminar empowers and motivates them to act on those insights and put them into practice in their work and also sometimes in others aspects of their lives.

This seminar is based on a simple theory of influencing skills first formulated by Blake and Mouton. This model has been developed over many years and the team that deliver it have many years’ experience of using this approach successfully, having helped many hundreds of people to learn in this way.

To book a place, drop Nick Zienau an email.

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Course outcomes

Develop your ability to use the seven tools for influencing others:

  • Gaining trust
  • Establishing expectations
  • Catalytic style
  • Acceptance style
  • Prescriptive style
  • Confrontation style
  • Giving effective feedback