Week 2 instructions for PBL reflective training

Here are the instructions for weeks 2 – 4 of the PBL reflective training course.

By now you have formed your action group, set some personal goals and had some experiences of trying to reach those goals.

From now until the end of your reflective working period you will meet weekly with your action learning group for one hour to discuss how you are getting on.

Suggested agenda for your weekly meetings:

  • Review, share and comment on experiences from the last week – and ideas for the coming week.
  • Fill in # 6 – 8 in action learning project description.
  • Update action learning project description – or make a completely new one.
  • Discuss briefly what feedback from the meeting contact person shall give Oliver and Søren.

If you would like any support from Oliver and Søren, just drop us an email on info@thinkup.org.


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