Week 1 instructions – PBL reflective training

Here are the instructions for week 1 of the PBL reflective training course.

Begin by forming an action learning group. This is a group of peers who are all going to spend some time reflecting on their teaching practice and who are going to spend a bit of time each week reflecting with each other on their progress.

You should arrange to have a weekly meeting with them – the first meeting this week may take up to 2 hours, the remaining meetings need only take one hour.

Suggested agenda for your first meeting:

  • Form your group – who are the members
  • Fix weekly meeting times for the next three meetings.
  • Appoint a person from the group to be the point of contact with Oliver and Søren.
  • Do we understand the guidelines? – What might be interesting projects for the coming week?
  • Each person fills in the action learning project description # 1 – 5 on the worksheet, which you can download here.
  • Discuss briefly what feedback from the meeting contact person shall give Oliver and Søren.

If you would like any support from Oliver and Søren, just drop us an email on info@thinkup.org.