Using Student Studio to manage half term work experience

This week are delighted to welcome three work experience students to Think Up, who will be spending their time helping us to test and develop KS3 and KS4 learning resources. To help us manage and deliver a really engaging week of activities, we are using Student Studio, Think Up’s work experience support tool.

Student Studio gives companies hosting work experience access to a range of mini projects that students can work through during their placement. The projects are usually tailored to the sort of work that is done in the host firm. In our case, the Student Studio project our students are working on is all about developing teaching resources.

Student Studio projects are in the form of online workbooks, accessible through the Student Studio website. Each day our students log in to their workbook to find out what their activities are for that day. And when Iain, who is supervising these students, logs in to Student Studio, he gets his own instructions on how to support the students as they work through the project. As students work through their activities, they log their work in their online workbook, and Iain must approve and comment on their work before the student can move on to the next stage. At the end of the project, the students will be able to download their work and their reflective diary as a record of their work placement. They’ll also receive a certificate.

If you’d like to find out more about Student Studio, check out the video on the Student Studio home page or contact us for a free trial.

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