Think Up becomes a member of the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technology

Think Up has joined a consortium of training providers to become one of the founder hubs of the National Skills Academy for Environmental Technology (NSAfET), a nationwide network of accredited training provision for low-carbon and renewable skills. Last week the Government gave the go-ahead to the NSAfET, which will provide training in the design, installation and maintenance of technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, heat pumps and water harvesting. The Skills Academy will consist of an initial 14 leading ‘hub’ colleges across England working in partnership with other training providers. Think Up is part of the consortium led by the College of North West London, which was the only successful consortium to bid in the whole of London and the South East of England. Our other partners in this hub include Lambeth College, Skills2Learn, Able Skills, London South Bank University, Logic4Training, Apprenticeship Training Ltd and Daikin UK Ltd
We aim to work with our hub partners to blaze a trail in developing high impact awareness-raising training events for low-carbon skills.
As a showcase for working with our hub partners we will be running a week of events on the Big Rig as part of the College of North West London’s Industry Day. More details to follow.