Make A Scape version 1.1 now live – packed with really useful new features

We are very excited to announce the release of a significant new update to Make A Scape, our structural engineering game. Now live on the App Store, Version 1.1 is packed with new features that improve game play and increase Make A Scape’s power as a teaching tool.


In Make A Scape, players use structural engineering principles to help the Sketch People rebuild their destroyed civilisation. We gathered lots of feedback from users of the first release of the game, which has enabled us to build in several major improvements.


New features include:

  • A new ‘undo function’.
  • Improved recycling functionality – just double tap an element to recycle it and recover its embodied energy.
  • A new tutorial level which teaches the basic drawing gestures that you use to build structures in Make A Scape.
  • Better feedback on the results page to help players understand how to improve their structures.
  • A proving ground where players can place base nodes wherever they like, enabling them to experiment with different structural forms.
  • The ability to save and reload structures in the proving ground.


The proving ground is a significant new addition to Make A Scape because it can act as a ‘sandbox’ in which students can hone their structural analysis skills, and teachers can demonstrate specific principles. Over the next few months Think Up is working with lecturers in five different universities to develop guidance notes on how to use this feature in their teaching. If you would like to get involved then drop us an email, send us a message on Facebook or Tweet us.