Low Carb begins today

Low Carb starts today. The event has been created as an opportunity for Londoners not in employment education or training to find out about low-carbon construction technologies and the training and employment opportunities that the low-carbon construction industry will offer now and in the future.During Low Carb, the forty or so participants will be given a design and build challenge: working in two teams they must convert a pile of low-carbon technologies – solar panels, solar-thermal water heaters, insulation – together with a heap of timber, pipes and buckets to build a low-carbon shower. They must collect their own water, pump it and heat it naturally.

The event is being hosted in the Big Rig, a three-storey scaffolding frame conceived by Think Up as robust and flexible venue for action learning. For Low Carb, the Big Rig has been plumbed up to provide the ‘rainwater’ for the shower systems; it provides a frame onto which components can be fixed; the Rig brings a spatial challenge to the event; and adds to the sense of wow!

During the event participants will have the opportunity to meet representatives from local FE colleges who will tell them more about how they can get the training the low-carbon construction skills they need.

Low Carb has been designed by Think Up for Podium Skills London.