Launching the 2013 Expedition Workshed fund-raising drive

When we launched Workshed in 2010, we used the Expedition Engineering website as template. This helped us get moving and achieve impact and demonstrate the concept quickly. Now that the concept has been demonstrated, we need to address the many shortcomings in the presentation of the site – principally the layout and the accessibility issues.
While Expedition is committed to supporting Workshed in the long-run, we believe it is now time to give the opportunities to the many universities that use Workshed to help shape its future, and to make a contribution of doing so.
We are therefore launching the 2013 Expedition Workshed funding driving. The aim is to raise £10,000 to pay for the cost of upgrade to a new HTML site. We will be writing to universities directly in the coming days. If you feel you would like to contribute to the pot, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!
Find out more by visiting Workshed.