The philosophy of concrete

A Think Up Event


June & Sept 2016 – Dates tbc.

Whether you are an engineer, a techical specifier, an archiect or an artist, concrete is a hugely versatile material to work with. This day-long hands-on training day has been designed in partnership between Specialst Precast Concrete and Think Up to help you learn all about ‘the philosophy of concrete’. Hosted at Specialist Precast Concrete’s facility in Caerphilly, the day’s activity is based around making your own pre-cast concrete model and casting your own object which you will keep at the end of the day. Along the way you will learn about grades and mixes, problems that occur when the wrong mix is used, aesthetic options and texture finishes, contemporary creative uses of concrete and how to cast the perfect floor.

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Aimed At
Engineers, technical specifiers, architects and artists
Learning Outcomes

The ‘engineer’ interested in more efficient contracts, avoiding long-term problems:

  • Performance
  • Structural strength/stability
  • Legal/testing responsibilities

The ‘technical specifier’ interested in job done right first time, anticipating the right potential problems before they occur:

  • Grades/mixes of concrete
  • The complexity of getting concrete right
  • The problems that occur when the wrong mix is used

The ‘artist/creative’ interested in new ideas, new possibilities:

  • Aesthetic finishes
  • Texture options
  • Contemporary/creative uses of concrete

The ‘architect’ interested in having control to achieve what they want, knowing how to speak the technical language to the installers and to specifiy something different/new:

  • Finishes on interior/exterior walls
  • Colour and texture options
  • Achieving the perfect concrete floor
Further Information

Your host, Martyn Fear, is President of the Concrete Society and Director of Specialist Precast Products (SPP), a company with 40-years of manufacturing expertise in quality precast products for architects, engineers and construction. SPP also consult on creative and retail projects, developing concrete interiors, garden landscapes, sculptures and household goods that combined the industrial knowledge of producing quality concrete with the increasing versatility of concrete finishes, textures and structural capabilities.

Date: To Be Arranged
Host Organisation
Specialist Pre-cast Concrete

Specialist Precast Products, Caerphilly, United Kingdom