Big Rig: Machine for Living

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Teams of students are asked to create a room in the middle of a Big Rig structure, and to supply it with all the necessary life-support systems and creature comforts: light, heat, water, sanitation and electricity.

This project is an opportunity to explore:

  • The construction materials used to create the fabric of a modern dwelling.
  • How alternative materials can be used to reduce the carbon footprint or embodied energy of the building.
  • How services are supplied to buildings.
  • How traditional sources of energy and water can be replaced with low-carbon systems, such as rainwater harvesting, solar PVs and biomass boilers.
  • How considerations such as light and wind direction might influence building design.
  • How different parts of a design team interact to create a building.



Aimed At
Students aged 16-19 years old.
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