Constructionarium 2011

All week Think Up will be facilitating and tweeting at the Constructionarium, adding a new dimension to this well-established construction training event.The Constructionarium is a week-long hands-on learning event in which 100 undergraduate civil engineers get to build big: scale versions of structures such as the Gherkin, the Millau Viaduct and hydroelectric dam, to name a few of the typical projects.

Think Up founders Ed McCann and Chris Wise designed the original Constructionarium over ten years ago in response to a common industry complaint: that even the best engineering graduates have never built anything – so how can they be expected to design anything that can be built?

This time, as well as teaching students how to build, we are adding a series of complementary activities which explore why these civil engineering projects are necessary. By adding a pub quiz, mock public consultation and film night, we are challenging engineering students to think for themselves about the role they have to play in building society’s infrastructure.

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