Think Up Case Study: Organisational Skills Strategy

Eight people huddle round a table to plan the shower system that they are going to build

Most of the eye-catching educational imitatives that we create for companies in the construction and engineering sectors are the result of an organisational skills strategy that we develop with clients at the start of our projects.

It is critical to the success of any training initiative that it be commissioned with proper regard to the cultural, organisational and environmental context within which people work. To this end we use Key Success Factor Modelling, a consultancy technique developed in-house to ensure thorough consideration has been given to the factors will ultimately determine the success of a programme of training initiatives.

Based on this initial assessment we draw on our team’s expertise in adult educational psychology and professional development at all grades from apprenticeship to leadership to propose specific initiatives that will meet the organisation’s needs. Typically we will work with subject-matter experts in the organisation to develop a training curriculum, design the specific activities and necessary support resources, and finally, pilot our proposals with the host organisation.