A plan for how FE colleges can deliver low-carbon skills

On Monday 29th March, Think Up ran its ‘Skills for the Low-Carbon Economy workshop’ at Eversheds’ offices in the City. The event was commissioned by Podium Skills London to ask what more could FE be doing to deliver low-carbon skills.Think Up used Greengaged model to deliver a workshop that was highly participative, establishing the problem as a design challenge, and prompting the participants to design their way through it. Representatives from thirteen different colleges, as well as from the LDA, the LSC, ConstructionSkills and SummitSkills took part in the day’s proceedings.

The outcomes from the workshop, captured on multicoloured post-it notes attached to the walls of Eversheds’ gleaming meeting room (with a distracting view of the city), will be published in a report, which will forwarded to the LDA’s Low Carbon Skills Forum, BIS and DEC; it will also be available for download from this website.

Read more about the workshop on the project page.