2012 Low-carbon skills awareness competition at the Big Rig

The Big Rig rides again. From the 14th March to the 21st March we will be co-facilitating a week-long low-carbon skills awareness competition on the Big Rig. The event is being delivered in collaboration with the College of North West London in the run up to its annual industry day. Teams of college students are pitted against each other to build a low-carbon solar-powred shower…in a day. When students enter the Big Rig, a three storey outdoor classroom, they are presented with piles of equipment: timber; pipes; buckets; PVs, solar thermal water heaters; and pumps. They must find a way to harvest rainwater, heat it, pump it, run it through a shower cubicle and re-use the grey water. Two teams will compete each day for a week: the best two teams will be invited back to return for the final, in which the challenge is made even tougher.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of low-carbon construction technologies, and to provide students with information about possible courses that they could sign up to in order to learn how to install these technologies.

A video of the Big Rig in action
More information about the Big Rig